Front Yard Landscape Package $50k+

Home is where the heard is. And even though we may spend a lot of time away, there's nothing like the feeling when we're back home again. what about that feeling when you first arrive home? Do you pull up to a place that looks fantastic? To a place that has great curb appeal, but also reflects your unique style? Outdoors by Design creates landscapes that maximize your property value, your personal statement and your enjoyment of your home. That's an investment you can feel great about! 

Of course we tailor every project for the exact dream getaway you're looking for, but the projects on this page indicate the design features you might include:

paver stone drivewayPremium Paving Stone Driveway

Consider the relative space your driveway takes up on your property front, and that much of the time it doesn't even have any vehicles covering it! Driveways have a big effect on the overall look of your home.

With the great selection in premium paving stone you can express your personal style, and know you're adding value and elevating your home to a look of distinction and elegance.


stone bordersStone Border

Features like stone borders are always a smart choice. They add that tasteful detail to elevate the overall look. And, like any front yard enhancement, increases curb appeal and home value.



stone landingsNatural Stone Walkway, Landing & Steps

Your walkway and front steps are what brings guests to your home, but it also visually guides the eye to the focal point of your house - your front door. Natural stone gives a timeless character, and its proven durability will make it a beauty that lasts. What better way to welcome your guests!


landscape rockeryPlantings, Tree & Rockery

Beyond the gorgeous blooms and lush greenery, your plantings will give your space color, fragrance, texture, elevation, but with an architectural feel. We'll help you choose the right plantings and rockery design for your needs, soil type and garden style.


landscape kneewallKnee Wall

Give your property some presence with the classic quality of knee wall. It extends the architecture detail beyond the house, out into the landscape.

Accent your property perimeter, paths, borders or the driveway - it's a great way to add distinction to your home.


landscape premium lighting


There's no question that good lighting increases safety and the security of your property. But choosing the right lighting will also enhance the look of your home by bringing out your favorite features of the house and landscape.



address stones

Address Stone

Sure, your house number needs to be easily seen. You don't want your pizza getting cold while the delivery guy tries to find your house. But maybe you want more than just visibility.

An address stone is a detail that speaks volumes. When you care enough to display your street address crafted artfully in natural stone, it conveys a home that is treasured. And a homeowner with an eye for quality.

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