$25 to $50K Front Yard Landscape Package

The inside of your house is not the only place you can reflect your style. Why not put your own personal expression on where you're making the very first impressions? Outdoors by Design are experts in putting your best foot forward in the softcapes and hardscapes at your property front. Of course we tailor every project for the exact dream getaway you're looking for, but the projects on this page indicate the design features you might include.


stone landings

Front Landing and Steps

An update to the area around your front door can be one of the biggest ways to impact the look and value of the house - and make a statement about the people that live there!

So whether you want to fix steps that are falling apart or upgrade the overall look of your home, talk to us about a smart upgrade, custom fit for you and your home.


landscape planters


Gorgeous blooms and lush greenery are a pleasure to behold. But your choice of plant life will also give your space color, fragrance, texture, elevation and even privacy. We'll help you choose the right plantings for your needs, soil and garden style.

The portion of your budget needed for your plantings will depend on factors such as:

  • Plant Size
  • Varieties
  • Age (time needed until maturity)
  • Placement (sparsely/densely planted)

Our designers will help you choose the right plantings for your needs, soil type and garden style.














stone borders

Stone Border

Details like stone borders are always a smart choice. They add that tasteful detail to elevate the overall look. And, like any front yard enhancement, increases curb appeal and home value.



Premium Paving Stone Walkway / Driveway

paver stone driveway

The right driveway and walkway will enhance any house frontage. There are a wide variety of materials, colours and patterns to complement your house and "finish" the look of your property.

The walkway is important to bring the focus to the front door. A walkway will be sure to give a truly welcoming feel.




landscape lightingLighting

There's no question that good lighting increases safety and the security of your property. But choosing the right lighting will also enhance the look of your home by bringing out your favorite features of the house and landscape. We only use premium quality outdoor lighting systems that are built to last in outdoor environments

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