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Making the most of your home and life

Being able to offer the very best experinces for people you care about is one of life's greatest pleasures. With Outdoors by Design, your home truly becomes the luxury setting everyone will love.

And with this ranges of features, there will always be somethign for everyone, whatever the mood. Your poool can be a fun waterpark for the kids or a quiet refresher for a lone swimmer. The outdoor kitchen and dining area might be the setting for an interactive feast with friends or a simple romatic dinner. The fire pit, the center or lively conversation or a stolen evening hour of blissful relaxation. It's all about maing the most of our experiences, and the possibilties are endless.

Of course, we tailor every project for the exact dream getaway you're looking for, but the projects shown here indicate the design features you might include:

Natural Stone Patio

Nothing quite matches the beauty and timeless quality of natural stone patios. Our landscape designers can help you choose the perfect stone for your property.

And when it comes to laying beautiful and lasting stone patios and walkways, we’re known for it. Our stone masons are some of the best in the business, and we always use techniques that will make your property look great for years to come.

Multi-level Seating/Deck

You like having the room to entertain but you also want a cozy area for quiet reading or reflection. And what about that spot for your morning coffee? The answer – and growing trend – is in creating distinct areas tailored for different uses. It makes your space multi-functional as well as visually interesting. We can create the areas you need while making the whole space work beautifully together!


Fire up that grill! With an outdoor kitchen, creating delicious meals becomes a social event. Granite countertops will allow for plenty of prep space, a built-in fridge or bar area for chilled beverages, and seating close by for great conversation. It’s the makings of a great night out, and you won’t have to pay for parking.

Swimming Pools & Spa Pools

A pool in your backyard space opens up a whole new world. It can offer so much to your home life. Slip in, day or night, for instant relaxation. It’s an anytime waterpark for the kids. It's certainly the most convenient and enjoyable fitness centre. Or just watch how it becomes the hub of your parties.

And today, the range of styles, shapes and materials – in leisure pools, spa pools, lap pools and more – really makes it about creating a multi-functional waterscape in your backyard.

Don't hesitate to ask us about the pool landscaping ideas that will be perfect for your pool and backyard.

Fire Pit

Nothing creates a better ambience than the warm glow of a fire. The beauty of a fire pit can add to your outdoor space in many ways. Perhaps as the backdrop in a cozy outdoor room, or maybe the focal point on your patio under the stars. Fireplace styles can give a warm cottage feel or a contemporary soothing effect. Talk to us about how we can achieve the feel you're looking for.

Pavilion & Privacy Screen

Pavilions and cabanas are custom designed for each client because their are so many uses: luxurious lounging area, change room, storage area, covered bar, or even entertainment centre.

Privacy screens are another way to create a private space, block off unwanted views, and add an architectural element to the space.


Gorgeous blooms and lush greenery are a pleasure to behold. But your choice of plant life will also give your space colour, fragrance, texture, elevation and even privacy. We’ll help you choose the right plantings for your needs, soil type and garden style.

The portion of your budget needed for your plantings will depend on factors such as:

  • Plant size
  • Varieties
  • Age (time needed until maturity)
  • Placement (sparsely/densely planted)

Our designers will help you choose the right plantings for your needs, soil type and garden style.

Water Feature

Moving or falling water can be one of the most soothing sounds. But water features can offer so much more to a backyard. They can provide a needed architectural element, a naturalizing effect to the hardscape, an attraction for bird life and even a sound barrier.

Ask us about the many possibilities in water features, from cascading waterfalls into swimming pools, to rain curtains, to water spouts and fountains – we’ll help you find the right type and size for your home.


Irrigation systems are a sure way to protect your investment. Auto-set watering schedules deliver just the right amount of water for your lawn and plant life. And it frees you up for spending your leisure time doing what you really want to be doing!

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